The best Digital Direct to Garment around

State-of-the-art technology for everyone

Digital direct to garment or DTG, is a state-of-the-art print technology that prints directly into the fabric in full colour. With a resolution of up to 1440dpi, design details and colour gradients are sharply and clearly printed, with the softest hand feel. In terms of colour replication, clarity and hand feel, our in-house DTG production is the best around. No minimum quantity is required.

  • Excellent print results in colour replication, clarity and hand feel.
  • Able to print any design.
  • No minimum quantity required.

Thermal transfer by Siser

Creativity on any fabric

Siser’s thermal transfer technology enables us to create a wide range of texture based prints on any type of fabric. From gold foil to velvet, or even just a simple full colour print, thermal transfer is most suitable for designs that require texture and stand out.

  • Wide range of textures and effects to print from.
  • Solid colours.
  • Can print on any fabric.

Silkscreen or screen printing

Economic and reliable

Silkscreen or screen printing is the most conventional and reliable garment printing technique for printing T-Shirts and other apparel and bags. It is very durable and is resistant to most elements.

  • Solid colours.
  • Can print on any fabric.
  • Economic when print in larger quantities.

The most suitable print for you

We are have the best DTG production around, but there is no best garment printing technology around. Only the most suitable one. Let us recommend it to you. Just click on the “Order” button, fill up the necessary fields and submit your design to us. We will get in touch with you within the next working day.